W is for Whatsapp

There are many kinds of Whatsapp users:

  • The ones who use it more than they use actual spoken words
  • The ones you can reach more easily if you text them on Whatsapp than if you actually call them
  • The ones who cannot type a text message without at least three emojis to express feelings they’ve already conveyed in words
  • The ones who still use ‘:)’ instead of one of the bajillion smiley face emojis
  • The ones who cannot create a Whatsapp group until they’ve found the right (appropriate, funny, memorable) title for it
  • The ones who send ‘Good morning’ texts (every single day, with nothing to add after)
  • The ones who send ‘Good morning’ texts in groups with 30 people, resulting in a chain of even more useless ‘Good morning’ texts.
  • The ones who send ‘Good morning’ picture texts (sun rising, happy baby, etc)
  • The ones who use every group they’re in as an opportunity to advertise
  • The ones who need to share every single joke/quote/cancer remedy they’ve heard of
  • The ones who mute groups when they get too annoying
  • The ones who can’t help but read every single text, even when the group has become annoying
  • The ones who prefer sending audio messages to texting
  • The ones who write ‘k’ instead of ‘OK’ and only participate by way of monosyllabic responses
  • The ones who don’t even respond, and you just have to assume by their ‘last seen’ status that they’ve seen your message
  • The ones who have 2048875 unread texts (how do these people live?!)
  • The ones who love the capslock function to an unhealthy degree
  • The ones whose autocorrect function is either overly active or not at all
  • The ones who still rite lyk dis because typing full words is too hard
  • The ones who change their profile picture every other day
  • The ones who notice and comment on every single profile picture change
  • The ones who use Web Whatsapp, so they text super fast and accurately.

Do you know any others? Which one(s) do you identify with?


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