V is for Vine

Vine is a video sharing service whose selling point is that you can only make and share short videos with it – a mere six seconds in length. When it was introduced (three years ago, in 2013), I paid no attention to it – I wasn’t interested in making videos (what could you even do in six seconds?), and in terms of social networking, Facebook and Instagram was already eating too much of my time for me to even want to look at other apps and/or platforms.

Then, slowly but surely, Vine started gaining popularity among the media and tech-savvy crowd, because smart, creative, and most importantly, funny people started using it as a way to display their talents and artistic skills. And if you can tell a story or make someone laugh or blow their minds in a mere six seconds, that’s definitely talent. The Vine creativity pool is amazing – there’s a wealth of stuff on there that uses the platform in a variety of ways.

I’m a Viner in the most passive way possible – I don’t make anything, but I love finding and watching the stuff others do. I know a lot of people haven’t heard of Vine, so I thought I’d share a few of my favourites here. I’ve put them under a cut to save your bandwidth (LOL, kidding, what is this, 2002?) because autoplay is a pain in the bum, and I don’t want to give you all heart attacks when these things start blasting. Click the videos for sound, and hover over them for original captions (they might not make sense otherwise) and to go to the Viner’s original page (most of these guys have made tons of other funny stuff that’s worth checking out).

OK, I’m done talking now.

Because this one is me to a scary level (it explains why I am the way I am):

Because OMG, the number of times I’ve fallen asleep on a bus with my phone on my lap, waking up to music and feeling relieved that no-one’s robbed me (I wouldn’t stand a chance with these sneaky guys):

Because every teacher can relate to this too, too much:

Because memories of playing Mortal Kombat (the swaying kills me):

Because this is happening a lot more with age:

Because this a good use of children:

Because this whole series (Narrating People’s Lives) is super funny and cute:

Because another good use of children:

Because seamless special effects:

Because we’ve all received gifts we didn’t want but had to be nice:

Because he’s Batman (and his kids should have manners too):

Because, perfect The Dark Knight reference:

Because seamless special effects, part deux (and OMG, the cutest little piglet):

Because hello, perfect looping (and most adorable dog):

(You’re welcome for the earworm.)


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