O is for Overwhelmed

If life was a movie, one of its main problems would be pacing issues. Things never seem nicely spread out in real life, do they? There are long stretches of time where absolutely nothing happens, and you feel listless and restless and pointless and stuck, and then there are days where everything happens at once and you’re pulling out your hair and wishing for more hours in the day and more space in your calendar.

This past week has been an example of the latter situation. I’m not complaining, because having a lot of things to do is always better than not having anything to do, but it does get a bit overwhelming at times, especially when there are deadlines and due dates. Luckily, these pressures are happening from things other than work, so I don’t feel crippled or like I’m going to have a nervous breakdown, which is the place I would’ve been a few years ago.

It’s also why this post is late – yesterday was one of those days where time flies faster than you want it to, things pop up unexpectedly and the mountain of to-do items gets disproportionately bigger. Add to all that an absolutely killer headache, and you get a picture of me last night, struggling to come up with something to write for this post and raging against the blinding light of my laptop screen.

Oh, well. Better late than never. And for every crest, there comes a trough, so it’s just a matter of riding this wave until I get there. Whenever I get overwhelmed, I remind myself that there’s only one way to get through these periods – one day at a time, putting one foot in front of the other.


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