Y is for Yak

I’ve never been a particularly silent person. I’m extroverted and talkative, and I only need to know someone for a short while before I feel comfortable enough to talk their ear off. I’m also opinionated, so you can count on me to give you my thoughts on whatever it is you just started talking about. Through the years, I have made a lot of introverted friends, friends who don’t like talking much, but love to listen. You can imagine how that might make someone like me even more of a chatter-box.

More recently, I’ve started enjoying the sound of my own voice less and less. When before I used to jump into conversations at the slightest hint of an opening, these days, I prefer not saying anything unless I have something truly valuable to add. I used to talk to strangers without hesitation; these days, I feel less inclined to talk to people who aren’t close friends. I used to hate uncomfortable silences; I don’t find them uncomfortable any more.

My mom thinks I’m becoming less sociable, that I’m losing my ability to connect with people easily. Maybe so, but I feel like it’s simpler than that.

Some days, I just have nothing to say.


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