Die Die Must Do

Unemployment has several pros and cons. I do not need to go into the cons in too much detail as they are fairly obvious and yield no good results when vented about (let’s just say “despair, utter despair” covers the lot fairly succinctly), but yesterday had me thinking more about the pros. One of the lovely benefits of unemployment is the time that gets freed up for you to do other things. Unemployment gives you the time not only to think about what these “other things” might be, but also to maybe actually do some of these things. And so, as I was pondering this, I decided I’d make a list of things I want to do, not just for the year (that’s covered in this post), but more generally… in life. A sort of a bucket list, basically.

Through a totally random series of coincidences, I also chanced upon the LifeScouts project yesterday. I’ll let the creator (<—click!) do the actual explaining, but in short, it’s a project that awards badges (real or virtual) for life experiences. You do something, you earn a badge, you share your experience. More importantly (and this is where the connection to my earlier line of thinking becomes clear), it’s a neat way to consider things you might want to put in your “To Do Before I Die” list. You might already have things lined up for that list, but this gives you a chance to think about stuff you may not come up with on your own, like “walk a tightrope” or “write a song”. Plus, the badges are super cute.

At present, there are about 100 or so badges available to choose from. (Apparently there are plans to create more, but I’m not sure where that stands at the moment.) I spent a fun half hour going through them and picking the ones I’ve “earned”, which you should be able to see displayed somewhere on the homepage of this blog (hover over them to see what they represent), and which I’ll make a separate post about soon.

This post, however, has to do with stuff I haven’t done yet – my bucket list. And so combining my original idea with inspiration from LifeScouts, I have come up with what you might call a “Die Die Must Do” list for myself. This list is, of course, subject to modification over time, but at the moment, it stands as such. In no particular order:

  • Go skydiving.This is a popular item on bucket lists, for pretty obvious reasons of awesomosity. (Totally a word.) (I left bungee jumping off the list because of a legitimate fear of heights, but I feel like this might be easier to do because there’s a professional involved? I don’t know. Let’s just go with it.)
  • Learn a foreign language. Again, a common item on bucket lists, but I want to not only be able to speak the language but also read and write it. From scratch, then.
  • See the Pyramids. Great chance to get Africa off the list of “continents to set foot on”.
  • Learn to play the guitar. I know a little already, but basically, I should be able to play most songs just looking at the chords/tabs/whatever it is they’re called.
  • Record a song. Like, in an actual studio, with proper music and stuff. Preferably an original song, but a “cover” of something will do, too.
  • Act. I’ve always thought I could do at least a bit of decent acting, but the biggest role I ever had in my younger years was as a (mute) tree in a play I can’t even remember the name of. I want to be able to act in a proper play or skit or something, as long as it’s broadcast (live or otherwise) to a legitimate audience.
  • Colour my hair.
  • Sleep under the stars. I might have trouble finding a place where I can do this and also not encounter insects and reptiles.
  • Blog every day of a month. I hear November’s a popular month for this.
  • Fake an English accent in London. See if anyone cottons on.
  • Go road-tripping with friends. I’ve done road trips before, but for this particular item, I’m thinking convertible, loud music, wind in my hair, some pretty coastline scenery.
  • Meet an internet friend. Face-to-face.
  • Walk in pouring rain. I want to go home drenched.
  • Wear a form-fitting dress. And more importantly, not feel self-conscious. (This is loosely tied to reaching my goal weight, but losing weight feels more like a resolution than a bucket list item.)
  • Ride a rollercoaster. One that goes upside down, preferably, because those are the ones I’m scared of.
  • Get an article published. Nothing overly official, just some piece of creative writing.
  • Experience zero gravity. Why not, right?
  • Watch all movies on IMDb’s top 250 list. It would be nice to have someone to do this with, because watching movies alone (even good ones) is a chore.
  • Go  on a vacation with a group of girlfriends. Technically, I’ve already done this, but I’m selfish and want a longer trip to a more exotic place.
  • Own a pair of boots. The sexy kind, not the lumberjack kind.
  • Watch it snow. Seems unfair that some places are just drowning in long winters while some of us don’t get to experience temperatures below 20 degrees, doesn’t it?
  • Go on a long cruise. Somewhere really, really scenic (like Greece!) would be nice.
  • Fly in a hot air balloon.

I’ll add more to the list as I think of them. For the record, I’m only adding things that require me to actively plan for them and/or go at least a little out of my way to do them, which is why the more banal stuff has been left out.

Bucket lists are the most fun when they’re shared, so please share yours with me! What are the things you absolutely “die die must do” in your lifetime? 🙂


9 thoughts on “Die Die Must Do

  1. peeves March 22, 2014 / 2:14 pm

    Do I count as an internet friend :)? Meet me!

    • Clueless March 22, 2014 / 3:08 pm

      I’m not sure… didn’t I know you first before I found your blog? (I’d love to meet you anyway… where are you located at the moment?)

    • Clueless March 22, 2014 / 3:14 pm

      Also, please tell me you’re still blogging! I can’t find your blog any more. 😦

  2. GlassHalfWhat? March 20, 2014 / 5:29 pm

    I’m going to check this site out right now! 😀

  3. bm grace March 15, 2014 / 12:39 pm

    Always enjoyed myself while reading your articlr. Never failed to inspire everyone around you, including me. 🙂

    • Clueless March 15, 2014 / 12:51 pm

      Aww, thanks Grace! 🙂

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