Grade Expectations

Oh, irony. Oh cruel, cruel irony. How you torture me so.

So my exam results came out yesterday. Remember when I said I was really, really scared this time around that I’d do really bad? Well, turns out I needn’t have been that scared – I didn’t do badly at all. I didn’t do great either, but the fact remains that I scared everyone into believing I could end up toeing the pass/fail line and I didn’t. (Thus resulting in many people chastising me for the “unnecessary drama queen act” – sheesh!)

So, yeah. Phew. Thought I’d do miserably. Didn’t. End of story.

Ha. You’d think. Life is never really that simple, is it? A close analysis of (read: one glance at) my grades throughout my university life so far will reveal a fascinating pattern. I tend to do better at modules I’m not required to do than at the ones that are compulsory for my major. In other words, I ace every Arts module I take and do miserably in my core Science modules. But that’s not all! This semester, the cruel cruel irony mentioned above decided to be … er, cruel to me by making sure I got my very first A+ in a Science module (to my great delight), but one which did not come under my area of specialization.

I’m therefore being reminded time and again that I absolutely suck at choices and do not really know myself at all. Either that, or I did something really bad in my previous life and The Guy Up There is making me pay for it.

Me: I choose to do Life Sciences in university!
Guy Up There: Here you go, A grades in all your Arts modules!
Me: I choose to specialize in BioMedical Sciences!
Guy Up There: A+ for your only non-BMS module! *beams evilly*
Me: *headdesk*

I feel like the anti-Chandler. You know, that episode in which he takes dozens and dozens of aptitude tests and realizes he’s actually doing the job he’s most suited for? In my case, it feels like the more number of tests I take, the more I realize I don’t belong. What am I doing wrong? Is it an inability to do well in the things I choose to do, or is it an inability to choose the right stuff to do in the first place?

I’m not perturbed, really. I’m just … perplexed. One of life’s many mysteries, eh? But I guess in these situations, one just goes on trying. Experimentation – maybe that will work. Try out different things, see what happens.

I’m so switching tracks once I’m done with university.


6 thoughts on “Grade Expectations

  1. Clueless December 28, 2007 / 9:07 pm

    #MG,Heh! I won’t question your methods, hon! :PHehe, thanks. But no thanks 😛 I’m happy studying BMS, I’m just bewildered as to how I manage to get good grades in every other area of study! All said and done, if I had to choose between doing Dev Bio and Physio again (regardless of grades), I’d probably choose Physio. So, yeah. I’m happy where I am :)#Archun,Thanks! 😀 And yeah, I agree. But that’s the funny thing – I didn’t particularly want to do Dev Bio, but I ended up getting an A+ in it. I guess you just don’t question miracles when they happen :P#Shweta,Okay, I really hope you’re being sarcastic about the “titillating Scottish accent” and the “*bliss*” part, ‘cuz if not, I might just have to de-friend you. :PBut, congratulations! I could never, in a million years, hope to master Organic Chemistry. (So says the girl whose only centum in the 12th boards was one in – yup, you guessed it – Chemistry. :P)#Hairy butler,First off, dude. Could you make yourself sound any more unappealing? :PGood luck with your results! And happy new year to you too! :D#Soleil,Hear hear! Totally agree 🙂

  2. soleil December 28, 2007 / 1:25 am

    Wow! A+ is wonderful! 😀 I have no idea what to say to you cos I am in pretty much the same situation myself. Hopefully the coming sem will open my eyes a little bit more. I think that you make choices based on your interests and that does not necessarily mean you’ll do well in that field. But at the end of the day, it’s the interest that keeps you going so don’t stop pursuing your interests 😉

  3. Hairy Butler December 27, 2007 / 10:53 pm

    My, my,my….. still not through with the headbanging bit eh?? tut, tut, tut…Anyways me going tomorrow to college **sobs** and fingers crossed for my results…. oh and A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! ( that’s in case I am not online)

  4. shweta December 27, 2007 / 8:24 pm

    i know what you mean! every sem i wish i could take three science and three arts modules; how do people decide???congrats on the a+ :)the only a+ i ve got (and will ever have) is thanks to leslie harrisson’s titillating scottish accent in organic chem class…*bliss*

  5. Archun December 27, 2007 / 11:16 am

    Firstly, Wow!!! A+ really really rocks! Congrats!And yeah! I mean, even I tend to do well in ULR modules, though it isn’t as clear cut as yours I guess…I really think that as long as we want to do a module – want as in reely want and not as in hafta do cause its my major kinda want – we do really well in it. 🙂

  6. Macho Girl December 27, 2007 / 8:39 am

    Still first to comment! How I managed such a feat… figure it out yourself!Congrats on your first A+ in science! Maybe you shud switch to MCB. Its not too late! Look at me! I got A in the other MCB module and I KNOW you would have done just as well because its definitely your kinda module. Switch tracks and next sem u can do cool modules like protein, microB and mol biotech (guaranteed A!)!!! Think about it 🙂 I am not kidding and its not too late to change 🙂

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