A Cut Above The Rest

It was just another ordinary, mundane day at lab. Macho Girl and I were going about our work as usual, day-dreaming about the million and one more interesting (and fun!) things we could be doing with our time. As can be guessed, it was as drab a day as could ever be.

Now, MG and I knew that if we were going to survive through the day, we needed to entertain ourselves. By virtue of spending many a boring day at lab, she and I have grown used to utilizing the ordinary supplies around us to make life interesting. (We only do this during long incubation periods, ‘kay? We’re good students in general!) On this particular day, MG was choosing to entertain herself with some origami. A pair of pink scissors and some colourful construction paper around her, she was perfecting her latest work of art – lilies.

I should totally get her to pay me for all the advertising I do for her on this blog!

I should’ve known what was going to happen just by watching her fiddle around with the scissors. Flash-back to the weekend. On MG’s persistence, I went to a salon in Clementi to get myself a fringe. I don’t know what inspired this sudden craze, but out of the blue, both of us wanted to know what I’d look like with a fringe. We photoshopped some pictures of me to see what it could potentially end up looking like, and when we realized it didn’t really do much to detract from my facial features (and that the Clementi salon was offering really cheap fringe cuts), we took the first opportunity to go over and get the fringe (and the discount!).

When I came out of the salon that Saturday evening, I didn’t feel any different. Unfortunately, I didn’t look any different either. The guy, over-estimating the curliness of my hair, hadn’t cut the fringe short enough, so it sort of blended with the rest of my hair. I was devastated. Granted, the whole thing had just cost me 6 bucks (and after my last 18$ hair-cut, that seemed mighty cheap), but I didn’t have anything to show at the end of it all! I decided that maybe when I washed my hair, it would curl up to the length it should be and everything would be alright. It was not to be. Sunday’s hair-wash proved that the salon guy had, indeed, over-estimated the power of my curls. The fringe was too long!

Flash-forward to the present. Er, not-too-distant past. Whatever. Anyway, after completing our chores for the day at lab, MG and I had a sudden brainwave. We’d been wondering if we could just cut the fringe ourselves, but the plan hadn’t really materialized. It must’ve been the sheer boredom that prompted us to do something like this, but we decided to cut off the extra-long fringe, right then and there in lab, despite not having any prior experience in hair-cutting whatsoever.

I felt like someone on whom impromptu surgery was going to be performed. A surgery without any pre-planning, sterile equipment, professional help or a decent surgical environment. It was like out of the blue, Macho Girl had decided there was something wrong with me that needed to be fixed right away and so had thrown all caution to the wind and gone straight for the cut (pun intended). We knew that it was risky – once the first incision had been made, there would be no going back. In addition, the process was irreversible – any damage done would stay forever.

And yet we took the plunge, for brave (and reckless) were we. With quivering hands and a nervous heart, MG chopped through my fringe with the bluntest scissors known to mankind. Scissors which, I might add, had been dipped in liquid nitrogen several times before. (Yes, we realize that we both would suck at hospital work. Or, you know, any job that requires sterile conditions. Like, erm, researchers. Yeah, whatever. Stop guffawing!)

A tense minute later (though it seemed like an eternity), the job was done. I took a cautious peek at the mirror and found myself staring into a face framed by suddenly stylish-looking hair. Success! MG and I congratulated ourselves on a job well done (while simultaneously breathing a huge sigh of relief that we hadn’t mutilated anything beyond recognition). All was well in Hair Land once more! Woohoo!

The doctor, after completion of the procedure, holding my ha … er, “filamentous outgrowth of protein”. Yeah, that.

Our impromptu non-sterile equipment

You know, sometimes, you just need an incident like this to get you off your butt and blogging again. 🙂

12 thoughts on “A Cut Above The Rest

  1. Clueless November 5, 2007 / 3:05 pm

    #MG,Heh, you convinced me to get the fringe in the first place – it’s only right that you got to complete the job! :PAnd yup, we DO do work at lab! (I said doodoo! :P)#Kashika,I don’t generally let anyone play with my hair either, but I trusted MG to not screw up too badly! Good thing she didn’t break that trust, eh? :PAnd nope, I definitely don’t mind being blogrolled! :)#Soleil,Hee! When I came out of the salon after the fringe cut, not looking too different, all I could think was how you looked totally different after yours! I kept comparing and thinking mine was useless :P#Shweta,Hehe! Friends exist so they can point out our faults, hon! We’d be a mess without these “jobless” people nudging us every once in a while! ;)#Pal,I can’t decide whether your comment relates to my post at all, unless you’re talking about the origami I mentioned somewhere in the middle! Anyway, will check out your blogs :)#Narayan,You and your multiple comments! Crazy guy, you. ;)Now that you’ve seen a picture, is it really that hard to imagine someone with a fringe? 😛 And bwah, what gave you the idea to trust your dad with a pair of scissors? Friends, I understand. Moms, still ok. Dads? No friggin’ way.#BBG,Heh! He’s a friend from my Bombay days. We go way back. :)#GadgetGirl,Heh! Thanks for visiting! :)Now, see? This is why I said it was alright to trust moms with stuff like this. They love their children enough to be careful with their care. I don’t trust the dads that much though, especially not with hair stuff! 😉

  2. GadgetGirl November 5, 2007 / 10:57 am

    Love your site. Your stories are too funny. :)PS: My 15 yr old daughter lets me cut her fringe! Hehehe. I haven’t messed up… yet.nzs

  3. BBG November 3, 2007 / 9:05 am

    Who is this Narayan I ask? :/ps: Hehe! 😛

  4. Narayan ( no haircut for 4.5 months) October 31, 2007 / 9:46 pm

    Not very savvy with hair styles but googled the hairstyle and…..**chuckle****chuckle****chuckle**really cant imagine you like that. Allow me another **chuckle—guffaw**Plzzzz mail me ur pic… 😀 😀 😀

  5. Narayan October 31, 2007 / 12:17 am

    cant believe that u agreed to a haircut from ur friend. remember me dad cutting ma hair in 6th grade(i was the lab sat then see). needless to say that the result was a disaster. friends thought that someone had used a lawnmower on ma head. :-l dont mind the atrocious spelling. this is from ma mobile.

  6. Narayan October 31, 2007 / 12:04 am

    hey! post a pic of ur face 🙂 . cant imagine how a fringe(with curly hair like urs) wud look no u, not to mention the extreme loss in keratin, judging by the clump u have in ur hand. i am thinking abt straightening ma 10 cm hair(dont laugh 😉 )forget abt the mails i sent u. i found the answers to the questions that i did have(dna follows laws that are similar to gases) that said i may have more and may ask u some day.

  7. pal October 28, 2007 / 8:14 pm

    I think one of the beauties of art is though there is criteria to go by such as composition, anatomy, color schemes, etc that everyone has the right to enjoy what they want out of a piece and be subjective to there preferences. That said, its great when you see variations of pieces that range from more realistic to contemporary and so on.If u wish,ur most welcome my world…http://mywork-pal.blogspot.com/http://lovearoundme-pal.blogspot.com/

  8. Shweta October 26, 2007 / 11:34 pm

    haha now i know where to go when the next jobless person not-so-subtly tells me i need a cut :).

  9. kashika October 25, 2007 / 10:04 pm

    HeyThis comment is just to inform u tht i blogrolled u. hope u dont mind. on a second thought i m sure u wont

  10. soleil October 25, 2007 / 1:20 am

    In your youth is the only time you can do crazy things and get away with it so Bravo for going for the fringe plunge! (Sounds a little like I’m talking to myself cos I too had my fringe cut not too long back) :p

  11. kashika October 23, 2007 / 6:27 pm

    Hey CluelessI have been a firm believer of the fact, ‘never trust a friend with a pair of scissors against your hair’.U and MG are very brave souls to have executed your er…spontaneous plan. I wish I were in Singapore so that I could get MG to cut my hair. I hate the salons here 😦

  12. Macho Girl October 23, 2007 / 2:51 am

    Haha! Anyone else want a fringe? You know where to come! 😉 :PI cant believe you let me fiddle with your hair in the middle of lab!!!! With the pink lab scissors! I had loads of fun playing the barber! (the last time i did that in UKG with my own hair, my class teacher wasnt too impressed) :PAnd what dya mean “quivering hands”???!!! Huh huh HUH???!!! My hands were steady as rock!And no, i aint gonna pay for the advertising. U got a free hair cut in return! More advertising and i might consider ur proposition 😉 :DP.S. COntrary to popular belief, clueless and I do get work done in lab and are the most efficient workers there 🙂

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