Looking for something?

StatCounter is this very interesting website that allows you to keep track of the people who visit your blog. It gives you some really cool tidbits, like how many people visited your blog in the past week, how many are newcomers and how many are returning visitors, where they’re from (I have visitors from the Netherlands, woo!), what pages on your blog are the most popular and so on. But by far the most interesting (and the most entertaining) of all these statistics is the “Keyword Analysis”. This is a feature that lets you in on the people that chanced upon your blog by searching for something on Google/Yahoo/other search engines. More importantly, it tells you just what they searched for.

This post got my curiosity piqued. What would my Keyword Analysis show? And would it be as funny? I’d opened my own StatCounter account barely a few weeks ago, and seeing as how I only have a few regular visitors on my blog, I wasn’t sure there’d be anything to see. Well, I was wrong. I got a mighty good laugh at what searches had gotten people into my blog, and since laughter is best shared, here are the gems.

  1. james franco clueless – Hee! My one instance of James Franco gushing got a hit. Yay, James!
  2. tia dalma’s hairstyle – Bwah. I wonder if somebody actually wanted to replicate the ‘do. *shudder*
  3. hindi songs down memory lane – Ah, this is pretty specific. Somebody was actually searching for a previous post of mine. I’m touched! *sniff* (Or maybe somebody just had a bout of nostalgia and wanted to go “down memory lane” and search for some nice old Hindi songs. Ha, what a site to land on, in that case!)
  4. 80s song from clueless – There’s an ’80s song from the movie Clueless? Ah, the things you learn by blogging.
  5. multiple jack sparrows – Ah. Someone else apparently appreciated the multiple Jack copies in PotC3. I approve.
  6. tom welling – Awww, a fellow TW fan! Yay! Though I must say, this person must’ve been pretty desperate – imagine how many TW-related sites he/she (though I’m guessing it’s most probably a “she”) must’ve had to get through to finally get to my blog!
  7. does tom welling want to do more movies – I don’t really know, but if that question was phrased “Do you want Tom Welling to do more movies?”, my answer would be a definite “Hell, yeah!”
  8. annalakshmi singapore price student – Ha! Someone’s hoping students get a discount at Annalakshmi, a la KFC and McDonalds! Good news for you, buddy – you can put in as much of a discount as you want!
  9. bizarro pies sparrow pirates – Wow. Individually, those words make sense – “bizarro” and “pies” are Smallville references, and “sparrow” and “pirates” are obviously PotC searches – but put them together and you have one truly bizarre search term. Hee!
  10. how to keep a virgo/libra cusp man interested – Oh, darling. If only I knew. But there’s a very good chance I won’t end up with a man born on the same day as me, so I don’t really need to know. Good luck with your guy, though!
  11. tobey maguire emo hairstyle – Heh heh heh. Someone else shares my thought about Peter Parker’s “emo” style. GMTA!
  12. criticizing the movie clueless – Hmm. I haven’t really criticized the movie, but I have expressed absolute horror at being associated in any way with it. Good enough, eh?
  13. nose freckles – Ha! Nose freckles rule. And while I’m at it, I might as well share my newest freckles-related discovery. Jensen Ackles. (His freckles are known in the fan-world as “frackles”. Fangirls are geniuses, I tell you.)

So there you have it. The bizarre list of search words that lets some pretty interesting people into my blog. The craziest part is, some of these searches take 20 or more pages to reveal my blog as a hit. Who has the patience or time to sit through 20 pages of search hits and then come read a blog after all that? People will never cease to amaze me.

Anyway, to all those people with StatCounter accounts – got any stories to share? 🙂


6 thoughts on “Looking for something?

  1. Clueless July 15, 2007 / 5:32 pm

    #Archun, Ha! Are you also a fan of nose freckles? :DStatCounter is definitely a whole lot of fun – go get it soon! 🙂

  2. Archun July 10, 2007 / 4:55 pm

    OMG!!! Thatz really really amazing!! I really can’t believe someone actually searched for ‘bizarro pies sparrow pirates’!! The things people look for!! And your page actually came up for a search on nose freckles?! How come I missed it? 😉 This keyword analysis thing sounds soooo kewl..gotta have a look at it!! Especially with the new blogger search engine launched by google, this can turn out to be a good business strategy eh? 😉

  3. Clueless July 4, 2007 / 2:22 pm

    #MG,Bwah! When you said, “become his PA!”, I was wondering why on earth you were asking me to father him. Hee! Next time, say PeeYay. :PAnd hey. I don’t know many people who use “emo” in a positive sense, so it’s very likely they were as amused by black!Peter as we were. ;)Bwahahaha. I remember both of us searching your entire blog for the word “hunks” and then realizing all of it stemmed from CS’s comment! Hilarious! :D*reads last comment and throws a bucket of sambhar at MG’s head* Working at Annalakshmi pays in some ways! >:)#CS,You should! :)#Soleil,Haha. Go get one. And blog soon! I wanna read! 🙂

  4. soleil July 2, 2007 / 11:49 pm

    I’m gonna go get one of those stat counter accounts! Haha. Just not yet. Been neglecting that blog of mine. Hopefully I’ll have nice stories abt Union Camp to share 😉

  5. Macho Girl June 30, 2007 / 9:38 pm

    haha. That was some cool stuff! And damn funny at places too!! Especially the libra/virgo cusp one! =)) “does TW want to do more movies?” Its a sign girlie!!! I’ve been telling you all along! Just become his PA!!! 😛 😛 :PAnd how dya know the person who did the emo hairstyle search didn’t actually dig the style? It could be a weirdo like the one searching for tia’s style 😛 They should search for his emo dance instead! That was more hilarious! ;)And as far as fellow statcounter user experiences are concerned, nothing will beat the “swimming singapore hunks” for me!!!! All because of CS’s comment! And oh! It was bizzare to see “bizzaro” here in this post when just a few minutes i googled him out and was reading up on him in wiki!!! :O :O :O What a coincidence!!!!(you didnt name this blog after the movie “clueless”??!! You dont say!!! *laughs maniacally and ducks to avoid the flying pot of chutney*)

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