Hostel? Hotel!

Moving is second nature to me. It’s in my blood. Being a banker’s daughter, I’ve packed, been shuttled around and seen enough carton boxes and duct tape to last me a lifetime. And I’m only 19, for crying out loud.

Coming to university hasn’t made much of a difference. Well, it has, but not in the way I would’ve liked it to. Ironically enough, I now move even more than I used to in my school days – instead of once in three years, it’s now once in four months. And the best part is that one out of every two shifts is back to the same friggin’ room as before. Sheesh.

Anyway, come July and I’ll be moving again. Out of my comfortable space in my brother and sister-in-law’s place, where I’ve been bumming for the semester holidays, and back into hostel territory. The term “hostel territory” used to stand for Prince George’s Park, my abode for the past two years, but this year, my friends and I will be moving to another hostel, purely on the basis of convenience. It’s not a big deal – just a move from one place of residence in the university to another – but for a multitude of reasons, it doesn’t feel so trivial. It feels like a move away from home (which is ironic, considering it was in PGP that all of us had our first pangs of homesickness). So while it’s exciting to wonder what adventures our stay in the new hostel will bring us, it’s still painful to say goodbye to the place that housed us in our most vulnerable years, and gave us so many wonderful memories to cherish.

So, as a tribute-of-sorts to our (now ex-) home away from home – a picspam! And if this isn’t proof of how much I love the place, the fact that I’m doing a picspam with a subpar wireless connection should seal all doubts. Yes? Ok then.

The pretty entrance sign to the prettiest hostel in the university. Prince George’s Park Residences. I love that it’s so high-funda sounding.

A view of the foyer from the entrance. (Trivia: according to my phone dictionary, “foyer” isn’t a word. “Dozer” apparently is. Pfft.)

Georgie’s Mart. The place to go for anything. Anything you need in a hurry, that is. NTUC and Mustafa are cheaper, even though they’re located much farther away. (And yes, that is a vital consideration for hostel students. At least the ones not on scholarship.)

This is the building’s UFO pad. Aliens often come over to the hostel during exam times to absorb the brain power of a thousand studious studying students, so they can use it to fuel their space ships. Kidding. This is just a fancy shot of some random fancy thing in my very fancy hostel building. Fancy, huh?

The corridor on my side of the cluster. See that door on the right-most side? Mine! (I’ve never noticed that blue fire-extinguisher till now, I swear. Sheesh. So much for fire drills.) There’s a “no shoes on the corridor” policy (to make it easier for people to make a mad dash for the exit in case the building catches fire), so of course, there are shoes all over the place. It’s comforting to know that even in Singapore (the “fine” country), rules are made to be broken. I feel like I’m home again!

The view from the cluster. Very condo-ish, huh? The only thing missing is a pool.

My room door. See that fancy knob on top of the “D”? That’s for the transponder (no, not transponster – that’s not even a word!) better known in less primitive areas (like normal hostels) as “the key”. The transponder is more gadget-y and fancy looking (and it’s great to impress the hell out of people still using normal keys), but it performs pretty much the same function as a normal key. (Damn, I wish I’d taken a picture of my fancy transponder now.)

My lurvely room! (Don’t mock the mismatched bed-sheet and pillow cover! Also, did the flowery bed-sheets give away my gender?) The bed occupies most of the picture because the bed occupies most of my room. To the left of the picture (if I had a camera that took panaromic pictures) would be my wardrobe cupboard and to the right would be my attached-to-the-wall writing desk. Anyhoo, who really cares about the room? There are much more important things to see here, like…

The kitchen! The lovely, clean, pretty kitchen with multi-coloured chairs! The awesome kitchen with the big sink, the convenient microwave, griller and boiler and…

…the gorgeous view!

More random, pretty shots from the kitchen windows. And most importantly…

Le toilette! I didn’t want to violate anyone’s privacy, so I just took a shot of the clean sinks and the huge mirrors, but it gives you an idea of what the whole thing might look like, doesn’t it? I’m very picky about bathrooms and toilets and this one outdid even my expectations.

I had to leave the hostel before dark to get back home, so that’s all the pictures I could take. Had I stayed there a bit longer, pictures of the food court, the TV rooms, the reading rooms, the lounges, the gym, the basket-ball, badminton and tennis courts and many other things would’ve followed. Unfortunately, this is all I had time for.

Pictures are a poor substitute for memories anyway. The years spent in that fabulous hostel shall not be forgotten soon, for it is the place I found my home away from home, made my first few friends and spent some of the most memorable times of my life since I’ve come to NUS.

But we all have to move on someday. I don’t regret making the decision to move to another hostel, because I’m sure the new place will bring with it many more friends to make and many more memories to cherish. So, to the old place – goodbye. I’ll miss you. I’ll visit you. I won’t forget you.

To the new place – hey! Got room in there for one more?


9 thoughts on “Hostel? Hotel!

  1. AlcoholicGeezer July 5, 2007 / 3:54 am

    Oh and this is narayan… Don’t mind the name πŸ™‚

  2. AlcoholicGeezer July 5, 2007 / 3:52 am

    I envy you… The kitchen looks gr8 and the toilets are the toilets of God! ( I ain’t saying that you are one!) We have a key as well and it is an old fashioned rusty one and its as big as your entire arm and works a lock from the 18th century. will show u the pix as soon as I get back… But our room rocks!! moving is now second nature isn’t it… I’ve moved 4 times in 3 years..

  3. Clueless July 4, 2007 / 2:12 pm

    #Soleil,Haha, waffles! There’s one thing you won’t have to share with me, ever! πŸ˜€ And bang away, my friend. It’ll be good seeing you regularly for a change, at least until you fly off to Paree! ;)#Mithr,Haha! I guess there have to be some people on the other side too, for any discussion to be interesting! And yeah, I can sort of understand how having a room-mate might make it difficult to adjust to single-room living! You have my sympathy :)And yay, we’ll be seeing more of you! Man, EA is going to be crowded with our batchmates this year – should be loads of fun! πŸ˜€

  4. Mithr July 4, 2007 / 1:49 pm

    ahan! PGP. Sorry but i belong to the other side of the world that doesn’t like PGP. The buildings are attractive, but somehow this place never gave me “home away from home ” feeling. It was probably because a) I lived in Eusoff before moving to pgp b) I was in a double room during my first year with anuja and hence took time to adjust to being single πŸ˜› Anyway πŸ™‚ Toast to PGP for all the goodness it has done to all you guyz. EA- looks like lot of interesting things are in store. with you macho girl and me being floor mates, you will hear frequent bangs on your door. πŸ™‚

  5. soleil June 29, 2007 / 4:39 pm

    PGP! My first home away from home too! Cookie Monster and I are definitely going back for those waffles πŸ˜€ I like PGP but it was little out of the way especially on weekends when the shuttle bus frequencies were terrible. The new place will be fun! I’ll come a-banging on your doors πŸ˜‰

  6. Clueless June 29, 2007 / 11:57 am

    #CS,Exactly. I want to experience as much variety as I can while I’m in university. That’s why I don’t regret moving out of PGP and venturing into EA territory. Who knows what two more years might bring us? :D#MG,Ha! All my Tom Welling gushing doesn’t leave much leeway for doubt, does it? :PI took the pics with Mom’s camera while she was here and I was showing her around the place! I must’ve forgotten to mention it to you because I think it’s around the time you went off on your mini-holiday too. Damn, I wish I could’ve kept the camera! :(#Archun,Ooh, you play tennis? Nice! Must join you for some good exercise some day! :DAnd KFH, huh? We’ll be closer now! Plus, there’s always BC practice to meet in! πŸ˜€

  7. Archun June 29, 2007 / 9:20 am

    thatz a really cute post!! I guess PGP is actually pretty cool eh? I felt the same way when I moved from TH to KFH..But as I’ll be staying at KFH next year as well, I guess its seeming more n more like home to me..Astute observation there – it was this place that made us cry and feel homesick naa…hehe..Perhaps if you’d captured the tennis courts, I might have featured in your picspam as well :-Pnaice going! keep ur posts flowing!

  8. Macho Girl June 29, 2007 / 12:31 am

    About you revealing your gender… erm… i dont think it was abig secret in the first place πŸ˜› πŸ˜› :pAnd yeah, its sort of hard to believe that after 2 years of calling PGP home, it feels unreal to move elsewhere. I cant even imagine. And its worse for me coz i pass through PGP every single morning and almost every evening to get to lab. But then again, this whole moving to a new place thing is quite an adventure and i am looking forward to it :)The only thing constant in life is change :)And hey!!! When did u take all these pics??!!! Whose camera dudette!! U never told me! *dramatic pose fit for a drama queen* πŸ™‚ But seriously. I am curious πŸ˜›

  9. Confused Soul June 29, 2007 / 12:29 am

    Awww.. such a sweet post.. I love pgp too, I’ll miss loads of things about it, but I still want to experience a different uni life.. I don’t want to graduate from this place having lived in one hostel for all 4 years.. I’m really looking forward to life at EA actually.. the no transponder system.. go to anybody’s room anytime! It’s like living in one block in pgp, but without the transponder thing.. the other good things abt EA – close to classes, centre of NUS, YIh right there, swimming pool [:D].. a ‘little india’ on campus.. Let’s hope it is as memorable or who knows, even more memorable than out stay here at PGP.. πŸ™‚

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