To bum or not to bum

I’m currently feeling happy, guilt-free, content and satisfied. And that can only mean one thing. Holidays have begun! Yay! This insane rush of happiness that accompanies the end of every semester cannot possibly be a good thing, because it obviously means that I’m way more excited at the prospect of a month or so away from studies, classes, lecture notes and text-books than I should be. Eh, but who doesn’t feel this way at the end of a particularly bad semester topped with spectacularly crappy exams? Holidays, no matter how long, just seem like a sweet release at this point.

My end-of-sem celebrations usually involve a trip with friends to anyplace outside the wretched campus (which isn’t really wretched at all, but feels that way after being holed up in it for weeks on end), most often for a movie-watching of some sort, but this time, I decided to unload my head the direct way – I got a much-needed haircut (I feel like such a guy saying that – are girls ever supposed to “need” haircuts?). My heart and head both much lighter, it felt like an appropriate way to start the holidays afresh, after the fiasco of the past few months.

I now have a month ahead of me to do whatever I please, and I’m sitting here trying to figure out what exactly it is that I please. I’ve a rudimentary plan in my head as to the general stuff I’d like to do during the holidays – regain my enthusiasm for books, read more, watch more movies, blog more, get into a good exercise regime and hopefully lose a bit of weight – but a more specific plan is yet to shape up. I’d originally thought of getting a part-time job at an eatery/cafe nearby to keep myself busy and to earn a buck or two while at it, but a quick search a few days ago proved to be futile – I applied to and got rejected by Geláre, Starbucks, Café Cartel, Häagen-Dazs and Thai Express all in a matter of minutes. I make it sound worse than it was (most of these places were looking for people who could work for longer periods than I could offer), but I still find it amusing that on my very first job-hunt, I got five rejections within an hour. A sign of things to come, maybe? Sigh. At times like these, I desperately wish I could freeze time and save myself the inevitable struggle and difficulty that comes with “growing up”. Anyway, I’ll prowl around my neighbourhood shops for a few more days, but if nothing pans out, I can still spend my time usefully and benefically by volunteering at Annalakshmi with my mom and sister-in-law. Oh, well. We’ll see. In the meanwhile, I’ll try and keep this space updated with info about the stuff I do these holidays, including possible movie reviews, book updates and more.

It’s the end of a long, stressful and arduous academic year, and I can’t wait to start afresh. Here’s to new beginnings. *clink*


5 thoughts on “To bum or not to bum

  1. Clueless May 13, 2007 / 6:44 pm

    #Soleil,Aww, it must be hard going for classes when you’re supposed to be chilling! But don’t worry – the module will be over soon and then you can chill whenever you want! We, on the other hand, will be slogging our asses off with UROPS, sigh. :/#Confused Soul,I know, I can’t believe it either! Third year, man. We’ll have two sets of juniors below us now – ack! #Sayesha,*clink*! :D#Macho Girl,Oh God. Chennai sounds like hell right now. Now you know what I mean when I say I’d really really not like to be there in May? :PMeg Ryan, huh? Go for it, girl! You’re always talking about not being able to make big changes – here’s your chance! 🙂

  2. Macho Girl May 12, 2007 / 4:17 pm

    Hi! Sorry about the delay in the comment. I guess i learn something new every vacation and this vacation I have learnt that the weather can fry your internet wireless adapter and your comp! Literally! The other day, my comp got so hot that I burnt my hand touching its base! Seriously! My hand was burning for a while after that! :-/ weird weather. Its around 42 degrees here. Enough to heat shock E.Coli 😉 :PAnyways, to comment proper now. I am also gonna “unload” soon. Just waiting for me to make up my mind on the hair style that I want. What do you think of the Meg Ryan cut from “You’ve got a mail”?? ;)Dont worry about not finding a part time job. Nobody said it was easy to get one! They just make it seem like that in movies and TV shows. You just sit back and enjoy your hols and dont be in a hurry to grow up. About the “signs” and the difficulties of growing up, a post on that has been long overdue on my blog. It will be out tonight so look out! :)Here’s to a great vacation for you 🙂 *clink* (*hic!*) 😉

  3. Sayesha May 11, 2007 / 5:57 pm

    Here’s to seeing more posts from you! 🙂

  4. Confused Soul May 10, 2007 / 8:53 pm

    I’ve already said what I had to in the mail I guess! 🙂 Enjoy the hols, we have a hectic academic year ahead! I can’t believe we are going to be in third year already!

  5. soleil May 9, 2007 / 12:55 am

    I on the other hand, don’t feel like it’s the holidays at all! I have not yet had a day where I’ve just sat down and did nothing. But hopefully all this will lead to more enjoyable times ahead. I speed-read this post and for a moment I thought your mum and sis-in-law were volunteering at a place established by one of my namesakes, but then I read that line again and realised it’s the Indian version of my namesake :p

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