Taggin’ along

It’s been a rough month.

*looks at date of last post*

Yep. It certainly has. Probably one of the most hectic ever (and something that makes this rant sound completely useless and whiny). But it’s over. And so, to celebrate…

A tag! My first one ever! Whee! Many fanks to MG for tagging me. Okie, here goes.

3 smells I love:
* The smell of the earth when it starts raining. Wet grass, wet mud. Just perfect. Especially when you have nothing else to do that day and can afford to sit down with a hot mug o’ choco and watch the rain pour!

* Mom’s cooking. Whatever it is, it smells awesome. I’ve got to hand it to that woman – she makes even the most everyday things like rice and rasam (and even cabbage!) smell wonderful.

* Paint. And kerosene.

3 smells I hate:
* Dirty toilets. (Pretty popular opinion, huh?)

* Waffles. (Yep, I’m weird.)

* Bakeries. Can’t stand them. :/

3 jobs I’ve had in my life:
* School Pupil Leader. (Can you really call this a “job”, though? Hardly had anything to do in that school of mine :P)

* Assistant School Pupil Leader in another school. (Yeah yeah, I’m bragging! :P)

* Erm…hey, stop laughing! I’m still in University! I’ve got plenty of time to get myself a job!

3 movies I could watch over and over again:
Oy. This is a tough one. I’ve got plenty, but hmm…

* Finding Nemo. (And most other animated movies, hee. But this one tops the list.)

* Bruce Almighty. (Leaves me in hysterical tears of laughter Every. Single. Time.)

* Dil Chahta Hai, Kal Ho Na Ho. Can’t decide between them – both extremely funny, both very sweet and moving.

3 fond memories:
* When I got my Year 1 Sem 2 results online. Much jumping around and squeeing followed. It even inspired a blog post. 😉

* When Sayesha and my bro bought me the newest Harry Potter book, after I’d spent a busy month bugging my parents for it. I was so darn ecstatic!

* Being pampered by mum the first time I went back home from Uni. (“She’s been away for four whole months, poor darling! Feed her!”)

3 jobs I would love to have:
* Singer. Anywhere.

* A career that involved writing. Like journalism, maybe. But not for a newspaper. Books, perhaps? Or editorial work?

* Food critic. Or a travel show host. (*goes back to daydreaming*)

3 things I like to do:
* Sing! It’s my life, man. It really is.

* Listen to music. This can probably be grouped with singing, though, considering my main pleasure comes not from listening, but from singing along. 😉

* Read. And write. (I am blogging, aren’t I? :P)

3 of my favourite foods:
Oy. Another tough one. I’m a food-a-holic – anything goes! But if I have to be specific…

* Indian Chinese, specifically Gobi Manchurian. (Damn, now that I’m in Singapore, I crave it even more!)

* ‘Godumai’ dosa. Mum-made only.

* Chocolat! (But I have a weird thing where I can only take it in mild doses. I love it to death, but feed me a lot, and I’ll get completely nauseous.)

3 places I’d like to be right now:
* Home, duh!

* A beach, somewhere. Accompanied by an iPod, sunglasses and a nice fat novel. *daydreams*

* Vancouver, Canada. So I could go stalk the cast of Smallville. Bwahahahaha! >:)

3 things that make me cry:
I used to cry at the drop of a hat, but I’ve grown stronger (and more well-behaved) over the years. But there are still things that make me cry, though. Like…

* A mega-fight with a dear one. Friend, family member, anyone. The closer they are, the angrier I get, the more I cry.

* A good, romantic, sappy movie. (Yes, I cried when I saw ‘Titanic’ and almost did for ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’ and ‘K3G’. Stop snickering, will ya?)

* Frustration. I can handle pressure pretty well, but sometimes I crack really easily.

Yup, that’s about it! I’ve had fun doing this, hee. Did ya learn stuff about me that you didn’t know before? 😉


8 thoughts on “Taggin’ along

  1. Clueless December 16, 2006 / 1:48 am

    #CS,Hey! Good to see you in these parts again. I’ve been out of touch with blogging for a long time too, what with the crazy sem we’ve had — let’s hope the hols give us time to catch up! :)I don’t think I’ve ever seen you cry, btw. Come to think about it, the mere thought of it is very strange. Hmm, must do something soon to make you tear up. Forget your bday, perhaps? Or are you too immune to that? 😉

  2. Confused Soul December 14, 2006 / 12:58 am

    I love the smell of paint and kerosene too 😀 But with regards to Waffles and Bakeries, I agree with soleil – Something’s wrong with your olfactory senses dudette!! And the top two of ur things I love to do are the same as mine! I love singing [includes singing along :P] and listening to music too!! 😀 And about crying easily, even I would cry at anything and everything.. if anybody said anything very emotional I would start crying.. or atleast my eyes would be wattery.. I’ve grown stronger too 😀 [U know, once I started crying when I beat this girl in a state level tennis match – tears of joy! I couldn’t believe it.. the last time I had faced her I had lost.. and so when I won, I was just tooo happy! :P]P.S. Sorry for the late comment! I’ve been out of touch with the blogging world since Diwali!

  3. Clueless December 12, 2006 / 4:54 pm

    #MG,Lets answer your Life Science question first, shall we? None of the “Jobs I’d Love to Have” have anything to do with Life Sciences because, well…I’m probably going to be doing something Life Science related later in life, and what’s the point of wanting to do what you’re actually doing? Where will all the bitterness come from? ;)In all seriousness, I’m still wondering what my dream job is. These are just some of the things that I *think* will be nice to do while I’m wondering about that dream job. Which, for all you know, might be something Life Science related. ;)And oh, yes. Before I move on — GET AWAY FROM TOMMY BOY! He’s off limits to you! *glares*#Soleil,Ah, see? I can tolerate people wanting to come stalk Tom with me. Take him for themselves? No. Way. *glares above at MG*My olfactory receptors are all working fine, dearie. They’re just a little different — I prefer to call them “special”. :P#Prem,Ha, hadn’t thought of that! Yeah, though you might end up needing to be extra cautious — being doused in kerosene/petrol is gonna make you really flammable!#Double head,Guess what? I’m back home and I had godumai dosai for dinner yesterday! It was just as yummy as I thought it’d be! :D#Viv,Bombay Cafe, yes please! (Though I’ll probably have loads of GM here while I get the chance, muahahahahaha! :P)

  4. viv December 12, 2006 / 11:16 am

    We’ll go to Bombay Cafe when you’re back… for some Gobi manchurian!You’re on vacation now… new posts please!

  5. double head December 6, 2006 / 1:44 am

    Just got to agree with you on the GODUMI DOSAI, I love it too, will make it this week for sure, good choice. So easy to make it too, only problem is that it KINDIFYIES quite often while making.Bruce almight, movie with a message, my favourite too, nicely done!!

  6. soleil November 17, 2006 / 7:34 pm

    I learnt some new stuff :)Paint and kerosene? Seems like u are a potential paint and kerosene sniffer :pHow can you not like the smell of waffles and bakeries??? Something is really wrong with your olfactory senses dudette… About the jobs, its ok. You’re still young! Plenty of time to find a job ;)I like Bruce Almighty too! I’ve watched it only once but I wouldn’t mind watching it again.I can so totally imagine you jumping around when you got your results haha!Hey! MG is right. What happened to the life sciences job???Hmmm… I wouldn’t mind tagging along to stalk Tom ;)Surprisingly, I didn’t cry during Titanic :p

  7. Macho Girl November 17, 2006 / 7:22 pm

    wow! i learnt a helluva lot from this!!! Interesting! Here’s a looong comment. Brace yourself!I like kerosene and paint smell too.. but i am surprised they come in ur top 3 list!You can’t stand Bakery smell? Waffles, I understand… I also hate it… but bakeries????Hmmmm…. noticed how the 3 jobs you’d love to have, have NOTHING to do with life sciences… then what are you doing in a life science course child?Vancouver? well… give my regards to tommy boy. Oh wait! he’s mine anyway, why do i need you to send my wishes :PYou cry in movies???????????? Romantic, sappy movies make you cry????? hahahahahaha *pauses to catch breath* hahahahaha!Oh no.. wait! i also cry sometimes for K3G and i also cried for titanic! Damn….Here is a mini-post in this comment to make up for me not posting in my own blog! 😛

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