A "Happy" Birthday!

I’m overloaded with work these days. Project worry and upcoming mid term exams have me pulling my hair out at every given opportunity. Since my mid semester break began a week ago, I’ve been sitting at the library all week long, buried in my lecture notes. It’s not fun. I’ve barely had time to do anything besides study and worry, so much so that I couldn’t even find the energy to blog about my comes-once-a-year-friggin’-birthday. Jeez. Well, I’ve decided to give my hair some much needed rest (from all the pulling) and tell you all about my absolutely fantastic birthday this year. Because, seriously, somebody’s got to thank all those people responsible for making it so great!

I didn’t have big plans for my birthday this year. I was extremely overjoyed that it fell on the first day of the mid-sem break though, because then I’d be able to take the whole day off and not feel guilty about it. Accordingly, MG and I deposited ourselves on the comfy couches in the TV room as soon as our classes were over on Friday, and spent a happy 3 t0 4 hours relaxing. Sigh, good times.

Now, sabos are a way of life around here. Come someone’s birthday, and we’re all at a barbeque pit in our hostel, waiting to pounce upon the unlucky birthday guy/girl. It’s become such a ritual that it’s impossible to surprise anyone with it anymore. Anyone except me, that is. Either I’m dumber than I thought I was, or I’m incredibly naive, but when MG took me for a walk around midnight, I really thought it was just that – a walk. Little did I know that a big group of all my favourite people here at NUS was waiting to surprise me with a cake and gifts! My friends actually thought I was faking my surprise because they couldn’t believe I’d be dumb enough not to expect a celebration. Well, there you go guys. Apparently, I am that dumb! 😉

I went up to my friends and got treated to a wonderful sight. A pretty, pretty cake with fruit topping and 19 candles with another one for luck. Man, how can people think of eating something so pretty? I mean, look at it! Can you imagine that in around 5 mins of taking this picture, half of it was on my face, and the other half was on its way to people’s stomachs? What an utter, complete waste!

My friends and I spent the rest of the evening taking pictures, catching up, making jokes and generally chit-chatting. Nothing out of the ordinary, but after 2 months of being glued to books and running to classes and completing assignments, it was really nice to just be able to hang out with a bunch of good friends and have fun without having to worry about what test to study for next. I don’t really think any of those people there realized just how much that surprise gathering meant to me. It’s something I’ll remember and cherish for a long time, probably more than the painful memory of cake in my eye. Huh. Not a good thing to associate a great birthday party with, eh?

The surprise party at midnight was just the beginning of a wonderful day. The morning of my birthday, I went for my first ever blood donation (that’s coming up in the next post, be patient!) with a couple of friends, and had a thoroughly enjoyable time (this, coming from a self-confessed blood-phobic person). I came back feeling extremely satisfied with myself and the rest of the world. MG and I spent some quality time together over the afternoon, complaining about our bandages and gloating over the fact that we’d just given “liquid love” to someone. In the evening, a big bunch of us (including Sayesha and Viv) went out for dinner and dessert and had a gala time. By the end of it all, we’d had some much needed good food, spent some fun time off campus and heard enough PJs to last us a lifetime!

Now, what’s a birthday without presents, right? I might act all deep and thoughtful and tell people that their presence on my birthday is present enough for me, but I can’t be expected to not get cheered up at the thought of free goodies! Don’t judge me – I’m only human, after all!

I wasn’t disappointed at all. I got a sweet card from my adorable parents (all the way from India! *mwah* I love you guys!), a lovely green kurti from MG (that I wore for the entire day), a beautiful watch from BB and CS, “An Essential Guide to Singlish” (too funny!) from Soleil, a body care kit from Sayesha and a beautiful set of ‘pressed flowers’ bookmarks from a dear friend from Malaysia (what should I call you, girlie?)

Now, superficial I might be. But I know a good gift when I receive one. And the best one I received that day was the knowledge that I have an amazing group of friends here. In the one place there’s a chance of me feeling lonely or missing home, I have an adorable set of people who I know will make sure that never happens. I know “thank you” barely covers what I want to say to you guys, but it’s all I can do to let you know just how much you all mean to me. To everybody who remembered me on my birthday and wished me and to all those lovely people who made it so wonderful, here’s a nice, big virtual hug. To all you guys, with love. >:D< (What dya know? I'm sweet and emoticon-friendly! Yay me!)

Ahem. Time to get to the point. I’m in my final year as a teenager now. A sad thought, but we all have to grow up sometime. But I’ll be damned if I’m going to spend the last bits of my teenage life moping about how much work I have to do and how depressed I am. Nope, no way. So this is my birthday resolution. I’m going to make a conscious effort this year to stay cheerful, upbeat, optimistic and happy. Shouldn’t be too hard, given the wonderful life I lead (and I’m not being sarcastic!). Mopiness isn’t gonna get my anywhere, and I don’t think I want to look back when I’m 60 and realize I spent the best years of my life being depressed. I wanna look back and see a girl who made the best of what life threw at her, and did it all happily.

So, to a bright, cheerful, sunny, optimistic and wonderful year! *clink*


Anyone get the feeling I’ve been drinking a bit too much lately?


8 thoughts on “A "Happy" Birthday!

  1. raghu October 1, 2006 / 8:25 pm

    heehee… had a gala time !n i had gala time readin dis!lolz… 2 more yrs n ill b 19!but u noe wat.. im lookin 4wrd 2 my 18th more eagerly ya

  2. Clueless October 1, 2006 / 8:19 pm

    #Moonlight,Thanks a bunch! :D#Sow,Thanks, darl! And aww, you’re not that much older than me! “Ancient”, my foot. So what if you’re not a teenager anymore? Being in your 20s is a whole new kind of fun! 😉

  3. sowmya October 1, 2006 / 7:44 pm

    hehe..happy belated budday sis!! sounds like u had a GREAT time. sigh. 19 feels So long ago..i feel positively ancient man..:-(

  4. moonlight October 1, 2006 / 2:30 pm

    Belated wishes, on your 19th.Birthday!

  5. Clueless September 29, 2006 / 1:14 am

    #MG,Oh dear. Somebody’s been drinking unreasonably again. Wasn’t the last trip to the rehabilitation centre enough? Tsk, tsk. C’mon, let’s get you out of here before you do anything else. Soleil, some help please? ;)Haha, and about the BB phone usage – I was very surprised, but I never chalked it up to you guys planning a surprise party or anything. I just thought you guys had found a way to trust each other with your phones, what with all the crazy deals you two have been making! :P#Confused Soul,I would’ve loved a bhujia surprise! Similar to the laddoo one we gave Soleil! Ah, never mind – I loved the cake too, though you guys wasted half of it on my face! *grumpy*#Soleil,Haha, I’m not complaining, baby! 19 till I die! :DAnd we defintely are a bunch of “crazy dudettes”! But crazy = super duper fun and awesome, right? Right?? 😀

  6. soleil September 28, 2006 / 2:12 pm

    You’re 19! Let me tell you that being 19 is almost exactly like when you’re 18 :p Stop complaining cos I’m 20! Your birthday was indeed a very eventful day 🙂 I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I’m more than happy to share it with you bunch of crazy dudettes 😀

  7. Confused Soul September 28, 2006 / 10:46 am

    Hey!! Happy birthday once again!I’m glad you are as dumb as we expected you to be 😛 😛 And didn’t realise that we’d definitely have a sabo for you!!Hehe..You know, I’m happy we decided on a cake at last.. imagine putting up a picture of alu bhujiya with a candle trying to balance itself on your blog!! :PAnd someone who commented before me is definietly high..coz at the end of her comment she’s written – here ends my post 😛

  8. Macho Girl September 27, 2006 / 11:27 pm

    Happy *hic* budday!!!*clink**hic*Hey hey, not to worry! me not high! Me good gurl… (*hic*)Sounds like a wonderful birthday 😉 Don’t worry… u r blood-o-phobic and i am not too fond of needles! And just imagine! we, of all people, managed to donate blood! yay us!!!I still can’t believe u didnt suspect anything everytime BB and i mysteriously disappeared. For heaven’s sake! BB let me handle her phone!! How much more obvious cud it get????!! :PAnyways… i am really happy u had a good time.I shall end my post here. :P*hic**hic*

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