First! To say Alvida!

Movies are meant to be seen at night. Not because it makes the viewing experience any different, but just for the reason that one shouldn’t be woken up early in the morning to go see a movie of all things.

I was soundly asleep one Friday morning a few weeks ago, enjoying one of my last non-working weekdays on campus (and a nice dream about dear ol’ Tom Welling), when I was rudely awakened by my friends and told to be ready in 10 minutes, because we were going to watch Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna – first day first show. Dayum!
Ok, maybe I don’t have too much reason to complain, because it really wasn’t that early. In fact, it was 10.30 when my friend woke me up. But c’mon. No classes, late nights – what can you expect? We were enjoying the last few days of our holidays to the maximum! We’d originally planned to go that very night to go see the movie, but problems arose, things came up and the sudden decision was made to go see the movie in the morning itself, since we weren’t doing anything anyway. Except sleeping, of course, the prospect of missing which my other friends weren’t too bothered about, especially considering the alternative was seeing Abhishek Bachchan larger than life for 3 whole hours. Sigh. Kids these days. Does no one value the quality of sleep anymore?

Macho Girl and I made some bleary phone calls to each other, and it took us about 10 minutes to actually come to the decision that we’d have to forsake our precious sleep to make our dear friends happy (and to fulfil our secret desire to go see ABJunior on the big screen for 3 hours – shhh!). Once that decision was made, I dashed out of bed, took the quickest shower I’ve ever taken, got dressed, got my stuff and was at our appointed meeting place in a record time of 15 minutes. Phew!

MG and I met up with two other similarly bleary-eyed friends (the rest had already taken off by the first cab to go get tickets) and called for a cab. Five minutes later, a nice Mercedes Benz was cruising towards us. Whee! A chance to see AB on the big screen for 3 whole hours and a ride to the theatre in a Benz? Suddenly, the thought of having lost precious sleep didn’t seem all that bad. The day was turning out pretty good, after all.

Um, not really. The very nice cab driver chatted with us all the way to our destination, and happily dropped us off at some other Hindi-cinema-showing theatre. We, completely clueless and oblivious, said a pleasant goodbye to the “really sweet cab guy”, and got into the mall. After 5 minutes of desperate searching, we realized we were in the wrong place. And we’d gotten word that the movie (in the actual theatre, where my other friends were) had already started. Nooooo! Our AB! Sniff!

The “really sweet cab guy” got quite a few curses from us as we hailed another cab and this time, made sure we gave proper directions. Five more excrutiating minutes later, we were in the right place. We muttered a few more curses at the old cab driver, gave his title (“really sweet cab guy”) to the new guy who’d managed to get us to the right place, and like professional athletes, sprinted all the way to the theatre. Our friend met us outside, gave us our tickets, got us in, and all of us made a mad dash to the hall.

Who should we see greet us but dear ol’ AB himself, in a scene with the ever-pretty Rani Mukherji? AB, of course, was lookin’ fine as ever, and was mighty funny. Just the way we wanted him.

The happiness ended there. AB and Preity Zinta were probably the only redeemable aspects of a completely sad (as in “I cannot bear to watch this crap” sad) movie, in my honest opinion. I’ve been a die-hard SRK fan for a long time, but I couldn’t stand to watch him in this movie. I think all 8 of us, at some point or the other, felt like reaching out through the screen and giving his character one tight slap. Some progressed to wanting to strangle him. Same for Rani’s character. Sheesh. I’ve never felt so aggravated with (fictional!) characters in any other movie. Karan Johar should probably stick to the sappy soap-opera movies, because as cheesy as they were, K3G, K2H2 and Kal Ho Na Ho were extremely re-watchable and still make for great movie-marathon gatherings. They had the right dose of comedy and the sappy stuff, and most of the time, the sappy stuff actually made you cry (though you tried not to show it…c’mon! Who didn’t cry when in K3G, Rohit finally met Rahul in his house in London and introduced himself as Yash? Sniff!)

KANK didn’t evoke any of those feelings in me. There were funny bits, but not nearly enough to overshadow the whole “WTF?!”ness of the rest of the plot. The characters infuriated me, and they weren’t given much of a background story for me to actually be able to feel any sort of pity or sympathy for them. As for ABSenior, I’m still reeling from the image of him as “Sexy Sam” tbe able to make any coherent thoughts about his part in the movie. But I didn’t want to reach out and slap the guy, so I guess you could say he was redeemable. Meh. The movie was so exceptionally disappointing. Then again, to each his own. I guess I just went in with too many expectations. For AB and PZ, that amazing cameo by cutie-pie John Abraham (those dimples! Sigh.) and the wonderful locations (even that was better done in KHNH), I’ll give it a one-time watch. But that’s all. No more. Sorry Johar, but I can’t stick up for you this time. I’m very disappointed.

I guess it’s sort of sad to have your first ‘first day first show’ experience be ruined by a bad (IMO) movie, but I’m still glad my friends got me out of bed that day and dragged me to the theatre. It was almost worth it, just to see AB on the big screen for 3 whole hours (:D). And it was worth it, because like all other times, my friends made it worth-while. I’ll suffer through 3 hours of shit if it means I’ll get to spend that much time with friends, even if “spending time” actually means shouting “boos” at the screen every time SRK and Rani appeared together and screaming ourselves hoarse at the joy of seeing John Abraham (and his dimples! Sigh.) on screen for 10 seconds.

So I’ll say it again. Movies are meant to be watched at night, because there’s no point getting up early to go see one. But if your friends drag you out of bed one day to go see AB on the big screen for 3 whole hours, don’t complain. Because believe me, the guy is totally worth it. And erm, so are your friends. Hee. 😉


5 thoughts on “First! To say Alvida!

  1. anand August 25, 2006 / 2:53 pm

    Am soooo glad i havent seen this movie…the more reviews i read the happier i get that I managed to escape this torcher!

  2. Clueless August 24, 2006 / 9:33 pm

    #MG,Heh! I should learn not to underestimate your hatred for SRK’s emotional scenes! And I was having so much fun listening to you fuming all through the movie! And yeah, I agree. Bad though the movie was, I had a blast complaining about it with you guys! :)#Confused Soul,Haha! You and BB sure went through a lot of trouble to get us all to the theatre that day! Threatening us and all! Well, I’m sure you’re happy it worked! ;)#Soleil,Ah, dun worry lah! In a few years’ time, you too will be familiar with these people. You oredi know SRK, right? Give us some time, and we’ll orient you to all the babes and hunks in Bollywood!And ABJunior (the one we’re all talking about :P) is the second one from the right in that picture. Admittedly, it’s not his best look, but he’s an absolute sweetheart, and we all wuv him very much. Don’t we, girls? 😀

  3. soleil August 22, 2006 / 11:33 pm

    I have no idea who all the Indian actors and actresses are so I was lost in this post haha. Its ok :p I prefer watching movies either in the late afternoon or at night hehe.

  4. Confused Soul August 22, 2006 / 7:03 pm

    Hahahaha.. ask me about the experience.. I went to bubble burster’s room at around 10 in the morning that day.. and asked her what our movie plans were.. both of us had decided that even if no one else turned up, we would definitely go for KANK that weekend. We were just browsing movie theatre sites and realised that there was a show at 11 30.. and the next minute we decided that waking people up and telling them to be ready in 20 mins,[though weird] wasn’t a bad idea after all!!! We thought we’d give it a try..and it worked!! After lotttts of phone calls to many people, we finally managed to get 8 to say yes.. [some of them had to be threatened to come :P:P Clueless, I’m sure you’re not clueless this time about who I’m talking about.. :P]We did have a great time.. who cares how the movie was?? The entire experience of a first-day first-show, coupled with the fact that BB and me managed to wake people up to come for the movie.. was a wonderful experience indeed! [We got to hear a lottt of sleepy voices that day over the phone! :P]

  5. Macho Girl August 22, 2006 / 2:16 am

    oi!!! who is more important???!!! ABjunior or friends????!!! Somebody gonna get a hurt real baaaad! :PYou felt like slapping SRK? and someone felt like strangling him???? Thats weird… I didnt feel that way at all… I just felt like beating him up black and blue and then to break a few… no many bones in his body and his already broken leg, then to @#$%^&*(..*beep*..*beep*….. etc etc etc etc… then finally end it with one tight slap. Not that I hate him as a person. I hated the character. PZ and ABjr were so cute and so sweet!! They were faithful and were actually trying to set things right… while these two use PZ’s money and welll…. need I say more? Grrrrr….When our dear friend called me at 10:30 and said we r going for a 11:30 movie, 2 things ran thru my mind… this is either a weird dream or she has finally lost it… Ah welll… Movie sucked, but I had a blast screaming and complaining with frnds!

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