Bibliotheque memories

Libraries are wonderful places. They’re quiet, they’re peaceful, and they’ve got chock-loads of books. Lovely, interesting, amazing books. (Yeah yeah, I’m a read-a-holic, how’d you guess?? :P)

My school library was pathetic. As in…sad. Just plain sad. The only times we ever visited it, were during our weekly library periods, when the whole class would create a huge stampede, trying to find a good book to read (there were hardly any in our school’s collection). The slower ones would get stuck with huge classics and just about manage to read the introduction before the bell would go off, signaling the end of class. Everyone would trudge out slowly – some disgruntled that they weren’t able to get to the interesting part of their book, but most just plain relieved that class was over and they could stop pretending that they were actually interested in reading. Next week : same thing. Except, we’d all end up getting different books than the ones we got the previous week. I never understood why we never had some sort of system to record what books we’d taken, so we could continue reading the same thing over consequent weeks…it just didn’t work that way. Nobody ever dared to do something else in those classes either – our formidable hawk of a teacher made sure we never brought text books or homework into the library. And the routine continued week after week after week.

(I enjoyed these library sessions for the sole reason that at that time, I was a complete book-nerd, who’d read anything and everything, even if it meant giving up the book halfway through. Yeah, I know. Weird. So, these library sessions never bothered me.)

Outside my school, there was another library. A public one, one that needed membership cards and things like that. And out here, it was a completely different story. The minute school let out, half the class would rush over to the library to get something to read. Some would sit right there, in a teeny tiny corner of the already crowded library and read something; others would take books home. For almost 3 whole years, I used that library with zeal. I read everything I could get my hands on.

Then Harry Potter came and another kind of madness ensued. I read the first four HP books from that library; I even remember being astonished at being asked to pay 40 rupees to read ‘The Goblet of Fire’ (inspite of having a membership) because the book was so huge!! I even kept the whole thing a secret from my mum because at that time, it seemed like a huge amount!! I told her later, though…but I can’t really remember her reaction now!! 😛

I spent many a happy day at that library with my friends. I spent so much time after school there that my automan (the driver of the auto that took me home from school) started to come there every time he wasn’t able to find me in school. The librarian knew me by name, knew my automan by sight and always laughed whenever I begged my automan to give me more time to choose a book to take home. Those were the days.

3 years later. Today, I went to my University Library. One class ended at 12, another was supposed to begin at 4; so instead of coming back to our rooms where we were sure to fall asleep, Macho Girl and I decided to spend the day doing something constructive at the library.

All I’m saying is that the library authorities should know better than to put extremely comfortable chairs in corners of the library no one’s ever bound to see you in. And we should’ve known better than to go sit there after a nice lunch, and try and read Jane Austen’s Persuasion. Recipe for disaster. Well, recipe for a sound nap, at least. MG and I took turns napping on those comfy comfy chairs, and Persuasion remains unread to date. We really should’ve known better.

Ah, well. It wasn’t a complete waste. One hour of peaceful, undisturbed sleep (something I’ve been wanting now for a looong time) and fond memories about times long gone and friends of yore.

Oh yeah. It’s all good. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Bibliotheque memories

  1. Niraja February 10, 2006 / 10:56 am

    hey! u really read in those classes we used to have in school? how come? wasn’t i sitting next to u? how come i let u read…hm…this is weird!!!n choose n read man…i miss that place…it wasnt the best library, but it was life-saving at the time…as for the university library…i know exactly what ur saying..its like a piece of heaven. i looovvvee the library. its THE perfect place. and it’s newer than the rest of BITS, so the architecture is marvelous…it’s one of my fav. places in BITS…

  2. AnN@ February 9, 2006 / 12:26 am

    glad you two had a nice nap 😀

  3. puttas February 8, 2006 / 2:10 am

    hey anewsha… seeing a blog after a long time… well i cant complain… hehe… well my library was the same…except that i used brute power to stick to the same book and we could also take books home… problem wid uni lib… well i guess lesser collection of light reading.. but ah well… the chairs and the AC make up for it!!! happy reading!!!

  4. Macho Girl February 8, 2006 / 1:51 am

    haha. yes. even my school library didn’t have a huge collection. but we were allowed to take books home. Max borrowing period was one week. That was enuf.. for another read-o-holic like me! *sigh* i agree with u.. those were the days that i haunted a public library just because i wasn’t satisfied with wat i found in my school library. (i was extremely picky.. now when i come to think of it… my school library was not bad :D)And about the library here in university… well.. all i can say is that i have been able to sit on those comfy chairs for more than half an hour without my eyes closing! damn it! i wish i had a chair like that for my room :PBut then again.. i slept less than 6 hrs last night, so i deserve that one hour sleep i got today 😉 (psssssst! Maybe the next time we go to the library, we shud try the reading room or the quiet areas.. the chairs are comfy for STUDYING in those places! not sleeping 😛 worth a try don’t u think???)

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