Home at last!

Wow. Just wow. Four months have literally flown by. Feels like just yesterday that I was sitting nervously at the airport, waiting to get on the plane that would take me to my new home – my university. And now, I’m sitting back at the home I started from, completely overwhelmed at the way time flies. At this rate, I’ll be old and wrinkled before I know it!! Ok, that’s depressing. I’ll choose not to think about that right now.

Happy thoughts. That’s what I need to get me out of this depressed mode. And I have them in plenty. The last day of sem was fabulous. (The last exam, of course, wasn’t! :P) The moment the clock struck 7, my friends and I bolted out of the exam hall, dodging all questions about how the exam went. 8 o’ clock, and we were at Orchard. Ah, beautiful Orchard, decked in Christmas décor. Admittedly, the decorations were a little on the tacky side, but I don’t care. I swear, the moment you step into the street and see holly wreaths and pine trees in every shop, you feel the festive spirit sink in. Orchard brings out the celebratory side of me. 😉

The five of us went shopping, but as usual, didn’t end up buying much at all. I’m not very keen on shopping, but when you’ve got four other wacky girls to joke around with, anything can become enjoyable. Hee. After a very late dinner, we went to watch the 11.30 pm show of Harry Potter 4. 3 hours of pure enjoyment. Now, I do have my complaints about the movie (I’m a perfectionist, I am!! :P), but I’ll save that for another post. All I have to say that the movie was worth staying up till 5 in the morning for – it was thoroughly splendid spending all that time with the gals, trying to figure out which part of the book they had cut out and which lines were not originally from the book. It helped that the guy playing Cedric Diggory was quite the charmer!! 😉

We came back to campus at around 3 in the morning. Since I’d not done an ounce of packing, I started right away. It wasn’t all that bad as I thought it would be (I tend to exaggerate the difficulties of packing…as demonstrated here) and with all the help Macho Girl and Anna gave me, it got done in a surprisingly short time. The flight home wasn’t bad either, though I really wish I’d slept the night before… I managed to watch ‘ 50 First Dates’, but missed the chance to see about 59 other movies, because I was so darn sleepy!! What a waste of an SQ flight…damn.

Well, I’m home now, pigging out on Mom’s food and trying to re-watch every episode of Friends ever aired and having a jolly good time. (Would help if the comp at home wasn’t so slow…I hate having to wait 5 mins for a page to load, especially when I’ve become so used to broadband in 4 months!! Computers spoil people, really…)

That’s about it for now. Hope to keep updating often; keep checking! :)


6 thoughts on “Home at last!

  1. Anonymous December 8, 2005 / 9:47 pm

    Hey!!! forget the past and enjoy today!! Be ready to go back and study well. Afterall that is what you went to Singapore for. Till then happy times!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. H2O December 8, 2005 / 2:31 am

    Hey Anusha, When I look back at the 4 months that just flew by, even I get the same thoughts….that I will be old and wrinkled before I know it !! Lol….so let’s not talk about that…but true…time just flew by and I can’t really remember how I first met all of you and all my other friends…and how in no time we became so close… and that’s why I love this saying… ” You came from nowhere and became close in no time…not to me, but to my heart”…I really really love all of you…wonder how life in NUS would have been without all you guys…okay that’s getting a little too emotional…so yeah let’s talk about the last day of the sem…well, unlike you guys, for me it was on the 28th…right after the SS exam…(I had already started singing and dancing before the start of the exam and my friends were not quite sure if it was because of the last day of the sem or because studying SS had made me so !!! 😛 ) I had gone out for dinner in “formals” because Dona wanted it that way…and then we walked to the merlion and sang songs there for almost one and a half hours…didn’t feel like leaving the place!!! And then, at two in the morning, guess where we went….out of all places, mustafa !!! I had finished my shopping there just a couple of days earlier…but the others wnated to shop , and so I had no choice….we finally got back at 4 !!! Well, as of now, I am having fun hogging away to glory, and I am already getting comments that I have become chubby !!! Lol…and talking about Harry Potter,we(the NUS gang)went for it today in Chennai…it felt so good to see them…Well, I have written enough I guess…Aparna’s was double the size because I was commenting on 4 blogs at one time…Lol…newayz, have fun at home…eat all you can, and let ur parents worry about the two seats you would require in the flight back to Singapore !! ( You don’t worry about that…movies are always more enjoyable when you are more comfortable 😛 )Love n luck,H2O.

  3. Clueless December 5, 2005 / 1:20 pm

    #puttas,hehe…u do need some sleep, girl!! dont worry, i’ve been sleeping all day long too…and its real fun to be able to do that without getting shouted at!!! aah, this is the advantage of studying faaar away from home – first class treatment!! :P#macho girl,u saw despo on the flight??? damn, i missed it. couldnt keep my eyes open an hour or so into the flight…i’d had about 5 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours!!! well, nvm, dad just told me i’m going back to sg by SQ…so yay!! planning to keep awake this time!! and oh, i havent caught the Friends marathon yet, but i did watch Smallville!! Tom Welling is still the hunk!! :P#ann@,wow, sounds like u have a great vacation planned!!! dont forget to take loadsa photos…i wanna see u in ur new bikini!!! :Dand yeah, make YS do loads n loads of work and take u around…pay back time for being away for so long!! 😛 And Jennifer Garner, eh?? U oredi got the flat abs, girl…i can vouch for that!!! 🙂

  4. AnN@ December 5, 2005 / 11:56 am

    ah there it is, the long awaited blog post! good to hear that you’re safe and sound at home! i juz finished packing! i took a really long time but then again, i had lotsa time. why hurry when you have lotsa time? (this only applies to certain circumstances and excludes the “E” word) i feel like muscle girl now shifting boxes and luggage around. look out Jennifer Garner :p my mum juz told me tt they’re all going to Indonesia tmr and leaving only me and my little sis at home!!! so much for going home. Nvm, YS is ard so i’ll make him come and bring us out 😉 i’ll be going to Indo on 18th for a wk of fun 😀

  5. Macho Girl December 5, 2005 / 2:56 am

    Hey dude! oops… dudette! Too bad u wasted an SQ flight! I managed to keep awake! But then again, my flight was pretty bumpy.. couldn’t have slept even if i wanted to! It feels nice to be back at home and eat mom’s cooking.. and of course… watching a 2 hour marathon of Friends! It is pretty surprising how time just zoomed by… first semester already over.. and before we know it.. univ will also be over.. anyways.. lets try not to think about that and spend as much time as possible together and having lots of fun shopping, watching movies, stoning and um… well… i suppose studying too! here’s to 7 more happy semesters for us life science bitches! 😀

  6. puttas December 5, 2005 / 2:19 am

    Hey anewsha… yeah mums can majorly spoil us wid food… looks like i have already put on weight in 5 days… crazy… but still i dread coming back… i love home…i love u guys too… oh man i am making no sense… maybe i need sleep… something i have been doing every waking hour of the day here….haha (pun intended)…. zzzzzzzzzzzzz

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