Pink Crisis!

The other day, I paid a trip to the loo in the library. I had to go through a corridor that branched off at the end (right and left) to two rest rooms – one for the guys and one for the girls. Now, the door was wide open, and so I couldn’t see the signs that say ‘Men’ and ‘Women’. I just saw the inside of both bathrooms. One had pink walls and the other blue.

And I waltzed into the pink-walled one. Without thinking. And when I was inside, I thought…

‘Wait a minute….huh?’ And so I went back and double checked with the sign. Yup. There in bold letters. Women. With a little stick figure too, in case I was in doubt.

Girls = Pink. Guys = Blue.

That’s apparently what Mr. Whoever-built-the-restroom thought. And surprisingly, what a LOT of others (including me, I realized) think too. I find it hilarious. And a little unfair too.

What is about girls that makes people think ‘pink’? I mean, about 10 – 15% of girls are the ‘pink’ type. What’s with the generalization?

Another day:

I go to Queensway with a couple of friends. We see t-shirts that say I’m a slow learner on the front and back, coupled with a picture of a monkey holding a lit dynamite. We think its cheesily cute and three of us buy the same t-shirt in different colours. Funnily enough, I end up with the pink one; everything else is either too big or too small. And I immediately cringe.

‘I don’t want this one!!!’ I whine.

Curious glances. ‘Why not?’

‘It’s pink!’

Raised eyebrows. ‘So….??’

‘It’s a girly colour!! I don’t wanna wear a girly pink t-shirt!’

(Damn you, Mr. Restroom-constructor…)

I buy the t-shirt finally. To prove a point. Pink is NOT girly. Pink is just another regular colour. Mix red and white and you get pink. A colour. Just that.

And when I’m older, I’ll build my very own style of restrooms. In green. All green. For both guys and girls. Cuz it’s the right thing to do.

*nods vigorously*


13 thoughts on “Pink Crisis!

  1. Clueless November 9, 2005 / 12:18 am

    #niraja,dont burst my bubble girl!! hopefully, vknot wont come back to read this..and he’ll never know what it means to wear yellow!! (and u can trust me when i say I’M not gonna be the one to tell him!!)but glad to know ur lurking around…i’ve missed ya the last cupla posts!! 🙂

  2. Niraja November 3, 2005 / 10:02 pm

    Hey long time since i commented but ur right, pink often gets associated with girls…probly cuz its tender and soft and cute n all that…when it isnt too jarring that is.btw…i read one of ur comments…and…waering yallow means u cherish ur own beauty…so that probly means that guy or gal is real confident 🙂

  3. sowmya October 25, 2005 / 8:31 pm

    sis!! great post, but you’re blog’s pink!! now now, i know, its just a colour you like, no girlie thing about it…mix red n white…n u get pink al…but u know what, even if it is a girl’s colour, who cares? Its kinda cute at times! Boo to the world!

  4. Clueless October 25, 2005 / 7:02 pm

    #Vknot,Aah..u boys, u’ll never change…*sigh* Blue = Gentlemen?? Ri-ight! Incidentally…have you EVER worn blue?? pardon me…but isn’t yellow your colour of choice?? ;)and oh, I’d looooove to see a picture of you in a pink raincoat!! can i have one, please? then i could enlarge it and pin it up to your door!! wouldnt that just be the cutest thing EVER?? 😀 #nod nod,ok, relax man! chill! ask Felix, eh? hmm…will do that! ;)and oh, for the record…it was Science Library…no chance of seeing u there, eh? 🙂

  5. NOd NOd! October 25, 2005 / 6:50 pm

    And the next time I’m at Central Library… (which will also be my first time), I neednt take the trouble of checking the doors to see if it is the Menz Room!I’ll go Blue!Blue all the way!Ever heard of Monday Morning Blues…? Well yea… wonder if such blues have aything to do with thinkin about men!Stress causes blues in me!I’m straight! Ask Felix! He’ll tel ya!

  6. Vknot October 25, 2005 / 6:42 pm

    Your Blog is kinda bloody pink… it’s perfectly normal to associate girlies with Pink!Aah.. Pink… reminds me of something unpleasant… embarassing even… There is this once I POSSESSED… I donno how and why and stuff… but I know…. and I know I possessed a pink raincoat… not those jackets… or jerk-ins… just the typical Indian raincoat… just that it was bloody pink! I wore it once to school…. and hell.. I never wore it again!!!!!!! havent seen it for a decade now!!Pink = GirlsBlue = Gentlemen!That is Right!Hats off to Mr.CONSTRUCToR! He hath construed rightly the right stereotype!

  7. Clueless October 25, 2005 / 4:08 pm

    #jo,pink and guys…NOT a good combo!! (Unless the guy can pull it off…if he can, he’ll have my admiration! kudos to him! 😉 and yeah, i see nothing wrong in a little bitta pink once in a while, but when it gets too frilly and girly…i’m with you..yeargh!

  8. jo October 25, 2005 / 4:04 pm

    pink! girls do have d pink mood sumtimes dont they!! i do!!probably dats y its d stereotyped girl colour! coz if a guy felt ‘pink’- i wud think he is gay! but yeah..when i see a few of ‘we girls’ dressed in pink skirts wid pink sandals to match n frilly pink stuff all over- its REVOLTING!hehe..

  9. Clueless October 25, 2005 / 3:53 pm

    #macho girl,Green for equality!! Go women!!!;) :D#viv,hmm…i have to agree with you on that one…girls tend to go to loos together..dont ask me why though…it must be a lunar thing!!;)#puttas,brilliant analogy…i dont feel so bad being associated with pink anymore!! 😀

  10. puttas October 25, 2005 / 3:49 pm

    btw ur blog page is pink… good observation na!!

  11. puttas October 25, 2005 / 3:48 pm

    u know why girls are associated with pink cos we are always cheerful and not ‘blue’ like the guys… hehe… my analogy… pardon me…

  12. viv October 25, 2005 / 3:48 pm

    Why can’t they just build independent loos? Why girls’ and guys’? Is it because (some) women like to go there together? I’m not generalizing or anything… just an observation 😛

  13. Macho Girl October 25, 2005 / 3:39 pm

    Good one clueless!! i have also wondered often y is it generalized that girls like pink!! here is another instance.. I knew a girl back home whose parents were building a house. When i asked what colour was her room walls going to be painted, she sayd Baby Pink!!! she doesn’t even like that colour!!! i guess its jus a mind frame, a kinda mental block that Girls=pink and guys=blue. Lets revolutionize the system ;)!!! GIRLS OF THW WORLD… UNITE!!!

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