Desperate Students!

Desperate times call for desperate measures. And it doesn’t hurt to have equally desperate friends.

Two weeks without TV. A record for a TV addict. When I came to NUS, bright and innocent, I had resigned myself to a life without TV. What I didn’t know, was that each block in PGP (Prince George’s Park Residences…the place I live in) has its own TV room complete with cozy couches and, of course, air-conditioning!

Heaven!!! It was like losing a cent and finding a dollar…imagine my excitement!! But, of course, trouble has to rear its ugly head whenever I start to find something interesting…and true to form, it did.

Odd timings. The only interesting English programmes started at 12 midnight. But I soon learnt that midnight was the least odd time on campus; infact, that’s the time life starts here. So, brushing aside the fact that we all had early morning lectures the next day, my friends and I settled down for a night of desperate TV-watching.

First up: One Tree Hill. Nick-named ‘Ek Ped Pahad’ by friends and self. One hour of drooling over Chad Michael Murray and going gaga over James Lafferty. The story plot? Don’t ask me; I have absolutely no clue. Shows like this are meant for hunk-gazing only.

Next: Desperate Housewives. How this has any relevance to my life (or anyone else’s on campus, for that matter), I have the least idea. Still, its a fun show to watch. Like I said, desperate times call for desperate measures.

I don’t think any of us made it through the entire hour. Equation to be used…

Comfy couches + AC + the company of desperate friends = Zzzzzzzzzz.

If you had been at NUS, in PGP at 2 in the morning on Friday, last week, you would’ve seen 4 sleepy girls making their way drunkenly back to their rooms.

Maybe then you could’ve told us how desperate we really are.


3 thoughts on “Desperate Students!

  1. Clueless November 24, 2005 / 9:17 pm

    #neo kryptik,trust me, it is… 😀

  2. Macho Girl October 29, 2005 / 11:57 pm

    Long live the desperate students and their desperation!!! But i guess the number has reduced from 4 to 3 now… its ok.. its still fun with u guys around!!!! I always look forward to our despo watching sessions!!! its not abt the shows.. its abt the company and humour!!!! We desperate students rock!!! Don’t we??

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