Rainy days are here!!

It’s pouring buckets here in aamchi Mumbai.

I think the rain’s trying to make up for its delay this year by pouring extra-hard. Or maybe this is just how it is every year. I wouldn’t know. All I know is that I haven’t seen such a heavy downpour in a long time. Its absolutely phenomenal.

Its surprising how some things can delight and annoy you at the same time. I mean, nothing could be more picturesque than sitting at a large window in the afternoon with a hot mug of whatever-it-is-you-like, watching the rain come down in sheets. The sound, the smell…they all combine to give the senses a delightfully pleasant feeling.

Then again, nothing could be more annoying than walking (or perhaps trudging would be a more apt word) through layers of muck and slush, littered with every disgusting thing you can think of, desperately trying to protect yourself from the rain (because, obviously, you don’t want to show up at school or college or work dripping wet, which would earn you disapproving stares from people who have miraculously managed to get there without a single drop on them) with a feeble umbrella, whose strength is little more than that of a chicken feather. Further, you have to avoid vehicles whose drivers are playing the Let’s-See-Who-Can-Splash-The-Most game – thoroughly enjoyable, as long as you’re the splasher and not the splashee – and so on and so forth.

Now, it might sound like I dislike the rains more than I like it, but the truth is that the rains aren’t quite that bad. In fact, with one simple thing, every problem I’ve mentioned above can be avoided.

The Raincoat. (They should make a movie by that name…probably the sequel to ‘The Rainman’!)

Of course, you’d have to risk looking like a plastic covered chimpanzee and be the butt of every raincoat joke your friends can think of, but if you’re cool enough, you might just be able to pull it off. I hear raincoats are in vogue now, so that should give all of us a good headstart.

All in all, the monsoons are a beautiful time of the year, and with a good sense of humour, I think we can overcome every problem we’re likely to face around this time.

Rain rain, go away?

I think not.


4 thoughts on “Rainy days are here!!

  1. Anonymous July 16, 2005 / 9:49 am

    Hey girl!Haven’t frequented your blog in a while! Hope things are great with you.And congrats! 😉

  2. Deepi July 12, 2005 / 9:48 pm

    hi..u r so lucky that it’s raining there but here u can imagine it’s damn dry. I’m just wondering if my dad allows me to mumbai before the counselling starts.

  3. Clueless July 7, 2005 / 10:51 pm

    Ah…I know the feeling. that’s been happening the past few days and the timing couldn’t be better cuz now that i’ve started going to college, i would NOT like to swim about in slush!!!

  4. viv July 7, 2005 / 3:08 pm

    You know what! I feel the same way about rain… it’s lovely to watch but not so nice to be in the middle of…I wish it would always rain when I’m sitting at home (except when I’ve just put out the laundry) and be perfectly dry when I step out! Ah… wonderful!The next best thing is when the dark clouds are all over the place and there’s a cool wind about, but it DOESN’T rain 🙂

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