Indian players rock, dude!!!

Tonight, after a long long time, I finally saw a tennis match that kept me on the edge of my seat till the very end.

Sania Mirza vs Svetlana Kuznetsova. (And they say Indians have unpronounceable names!)

I started watching the match only when they were in the middle of the second set. Sania took the set to a tie-breaker. And won it. Doing so, she pushed the match to the third set. And battled it out with Kuznetsova, who eventually won. But as far as I’m concerned, Sania took home the praises for the day. What an amazing game she played. She fought till the end, showing a spirit that’s rarely seen in Indian players these days.

I get really mad when I read articles claiming that Sania isn’t all that she’s hyped to be and that she shouldn’t be held in such high esteem. What’s all that about?? I mean, the girl is 18. How many 18 year old Indian girls have made it as far as she has?? None, that’s how many. She deserves every bit of praise she gets and as long as she doesn’t let it get to her head, she’ll be fine.

The same goes for Narain Karthikeyan. So what if he finishes last in a race? So what if he comes behind his team-mate? Big deal!! He’s in the race, isn’t he? He finishes more often than he doesn’t. What has anyone got to complain about? The newspapers are all full of it and most of the time, you see headlines like


How encouraging. And what’s a ‘disappointing finish’ anyway?? He comes 15th, when 18 players have finished, and its disappointing. He comes 11th, when only 12 have finished, and suddenly, it’s a great finish. WHAT???

I, for one, am rooting for both Sania and Karthikeyan. I have a feeling they’ll go on to do great things for India in the future. And even if they don’t, I won’t complain.


5 thoughts on “Indian players rock, dude!!!

  1. Clueless July 5, 2005 / 10:44 pm

    i believe its upto you to make sure your at the right place at the right time. if ur great at something and dont do anything about it except…curse your own stars…as you put it ;), well, then its as much your fault as anybody else’s…infact, more so!and i still believe potential players should be given encouragement, whether at the beginning or when they’re pros…but about the media coverage…that’s one thing i might just have to agree with you on!!

  2. Niraja July 5, 2005 / 6:03 pm

    I’m sorry that i have to disagree with u on that particular topic.i think sania was given undue encouragement and press coverage. i truly think that she DOES NOT deserve it.As for karthikeyan, i think michael (tho he dusnt come first nemore) is still the god of racingAnd i’ll tell u y…it’s becuz there are loads of other pl in india who r better at both tennis and racing. it’s just that they dont get the chance. the two who did make it were just in the right place at the riht time. And in the end, it’s like they’re lucky and famous when sum1 whos actually better is in some corner of India cursing their own stars!!!i think it’s just UNFAIR…

  3. pri June 30, 2005 / 11:44 am

    i completely agree with u, anusha. like you, i feel they deserve all the praise they get. talkin about sania,there was this BBC reporter who said “oh!indian women arent in the kitchen anymore” and there was this other guy who said “remember her name, we’re gonna hear a lot more about her”… i couldnt help but feel a surge of pride when i heard the latter… about the former, i dunno what i’d do if i ever see the moron

  4. Clueless June 26, 2005 / 2:38 pm

    I never said that they should be overly praised, but that they deserve every bit of it they get! whats wrong with appreciating them for what they’ve achieved??and about the race…i guess i thought it was sort of like finishing a normal race, where coming 11th or whatever position wasn’t any good if it meant you were last anyway…but sorry, my bad…

  5. viv June 25, 2005 / 10:30 am

    I agree and disagree with what you say.I agree because these are a few Indians who make the rest of us feel proud… who have achieved what 1 billion others could not.I disagree because the fact that they do so doesn’t make them great! There are others in the world who are a lot better, and it’s not like we have a handicap because we’re Indians and can only get so far and no further.Once you reach a certain level, you need to open up and try to get better… see that there are people who are better than you… try to improve yourself. If we start doing that and not be satisfied with what we’ve achieved, I’m sure we’ll see a lot more Indians doing great things.And please don’t talk about race finishes like they’re fractions… in racing, you only look at the absolute numbers. 11th is better than 15th. Anyday!

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