The Interview With God

I get a lot of forwards. Some from friends, some from people I barely know. It doesn’t make a difference to me; I read them and delete them. But every once in a while I get one that I simply cannot delete. Something that really touches me. Something that should be shared with the rest of the world.

This particular forward is something I chanced upon – it wasn’t sent to me, but to someone I know. That person has been kind enough to let me post it on my blog. To see it, click here.

And oh… don’t forget to turn on the sound…its just beeeeeutiful!!


3 thoughts on “The Interview With God

  1. pri July 9, 2005 / 10:19 pm

    hey nee! that just made me sit up! ur comment was extremely intense… believe me, i always thought u had much more to u than what u projected to the outside world!! i knew there was this very intense person waiting to love and be loved in return! yes… we’ve gone thro’ a lot of mistunderstandings and pain… but u were one of my earliest friends and i dont know if i shud b sayin this! but.. i hope u bring out more of the person i was talkin about… the “friend” i knew sum time back… i say “some time back” bcuz u wud know what i’m talkin about…

  2. Clueless July 5, 2005 / 10:50 pm

    wow…talk about profound!!! i’m really glad i could be of any help to you. and i know this goes without saying, but i’d like you to know it just the same…i value our friendship a LOT, and i really believe that we’ve learnt from each other…it might’ve been good, it might’ve been bad, but the thing is we both grew up from giggly teenagers(the ‘giggly’ applies to u, missy!)to become more mature, understanding persons…and to know that i have someone who’ll help me out in further times makes me feel real lucky!!!

  3. Niraja July 5, 2005 / 5:50 pm

    that truly is one of the most beautiful thins that i have ever seen. it was so…profound. i have never known you as that person though…that person who is touched by something like this, if u know what i mean. and i don’t think you know me that way either. i’m more of what the world describes as aloof and fun-loving. ppl who really know me ud disagree tho.i know this isn’t much of a comment, it’s more personal than that…buti think it’s worth has thought me a lot in the last two years of my life (that would be my years in the 11th and 12th std) i used to live a charmed life b4 that. i’v turned out more hurt, experienced, knowledgeable, loving, sensitive…than ever b4.i’v learned what it is to be a real person and that the greatest things in life go far beyond what other ppl think and believe…it’s truly ur beliefs and experiences and friends that take you a long long way…even beyond life and deathhaving said all that, i wud like to take this chance to thank ufor being there for me and being my friend thru everything… i really treasure our time together, and i’m sure there is a lot more for us to experience together and apart and learn from all of it, and help weach other to learn as well.

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