The perfect day

Every once in a while, there comes a day when you go to bed thinking, Wow!! Today was just…perfect. Those perfect days don’t come often, but when they do (generally, when you least expect it) they make waiting for them quite worth while!! Here’s a look at what my perfect day would be like…

Getting up
Really really important….it more or less decides whether the day can, in fact, be perfect. Too early, and it doesn’t feel right; too late, and it feels like you’ve wasted half the day dreaming…literally!! Sometime around 7.30 would be o.k., I guess…

Ah…breakfast!! I spent my childhood Enid Blyton-reading-days waiting for the time the Famous Five would sit down for breakfast…ham sandwiches, sausages, toast, fruits, juices…the list is never-ending!!! I wanted to be one of them, just so I could have the food!! And I’m a vegetarian, for heaven’s sake!! The perfect breakfast makes the perfect start to a perfect day!

Bubble Bath
I’ve always wanted a bubble bath, where I could just lie for ages, floating around in warm water with scented bubbles, reading a chapter from the latest Harry Potter book with no one to disturb me!! Just perfect!

Doing, um…nothing
This forms an essential part of my daily routine, and it would be cruel if I didn’t include it in my ‘perfect day’. Doing nothing is an art in itself. It requires patience and total concentration and is definitely harder than it sounds…try it sometime, and you’ll see. I, however, have been blessed with this gift, and it comes to me with just minimal effort. Naturally, it is my favorite activity!!

Considering that I’m a food-fanatic, this obviously is an all-important part of the day. Contrary to belief, I enjoy home-made food more than anything else…there is nothing like sitting on the floor and eating ‘ma ke haathon ka khana’ with the entire family. Mum’s cooking will always surpass everything else…nobody else has the magic touch.

Oh, idiot box…how I love you!! I am a magnet and the TV is iron…that pretty much explains it all!! The perfect afternoon would be spent with my closest friends, watching a Shah Rukh movie, shushing people who make comments and yelling at those who dare to belittle SRK. I believe I speak for a huge majority of the female population of India when I say… ‘Shah Rukh…we wuv you!!’

Fun and games
‘What’s life without fun and games?’
Not Shakespeare…one of my very own (blush)! Anyway, a perfect day would be incomplete without play. A few well-chosen friends, a ball, a net, throw in a swimming pool….and voila! A great way to spend an evening in the company of your loved ones! And what do we say to that?? Purrfect!!

Something I haven’t done a lot, but would love to do often! My idea of clubbing is quite different from the general idea, though…I’d do perfectly with some great music, a cool drink and loads of friends…and oh! Karaoke!!

Surprisingly, it doesn’t really matter a lot if I’ve had the perfect breakfast and lunch…so a simple meal with family, chatting about childhood experiences would do nicely. As long as its followed by chocolate cake!

A perfect day like this doesn’t come very often. For future reference, I’d write down everything, just so that when I’m 60 or something, I’d be able to see that long, long ago, I had a perfect day…

Sleeping to gentle music
Nothing to explain here…is there??

There you have it. My perfect day. It might be a little childish, but what can I say? I’m a child at heart. And I know, deep inside, that one day, I’ll have my perfect day. Till then…I’ll wait.


3 thoughts on “The perfect day

  1. Anonymous May 2, 2005 / 10:11 am

    And oh, did I mention I used to read the breakfast section of the Enid Blyton books with great interest too, wondering what half the things tasted like! :PNow when I’ve tried them all, errr… well, they’re not that nice, especially ham and eggs and sausages :sBut they were an important part of my childhood readings 🙂

  2. Viv April 29, 2005 / 10:22 am

    Nice post… Looking forward to more!About the “getting up” part, you mean 730 your time, or in some country further west? 😉

  3. Anonymous April 24, 2005 / 7:16 pm

    Nice list, girl! Your day sounds perfect! 🙂

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