The first one!!

Hello fellow bloggers!!!

Wow…I didn’t realize it would be so hard thinking of something to write, even when you’re given the widest choices!! Honestly, I believe I would do much better, were I given a particular topic….so this is NOT proof of my writing skills!!

Right…so here we go…I’m actually on holiday in Singapore…(you’d think THAT would give me something to write about!!)…but, to be honest, I haven’t done anything worth writing about!! I’ve done the usual sight-seeing stuff, but the best things are yet to come!! Or so I hope!! (Sorry about all those exclamatory marks…I’m just very excited!! There you go again!!) Sayesha just came back from India a few days ago, and I’m relying on her to show me the better parts of the country. So hopefully, I’ll have something good to write about in the next few days, and you’ll have something to keep you entertained! So keep coming back, people!!


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